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Welcome to Joint Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum and Arab Expatriate Scientists Network 2012

As Qatar makes the transition from a carbon economy to a knowledge economy, scientific research is becoming one of the country’s most promising areas of development. In a matter of years, Qatar has established a handful of internationally-competitive research institutes, trained a new generation of science leaders, and built a national framework to support and guide the country’s ambitious science and research endeavors.

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development holds an Annual Research Forum each year to showcase the innovative research taking place in projects, programs and initiatives across our universities and institutes, and by the wider Qatar research community.

In its third year, the Annual Research Forum will recognize the incredible research progress being made by national stakeholders, international partners and multinational companies in Qatar and, for the first time, establish a roadmap for implementing the Qatar National Research Strategy. The Forum will focus on Qatar’s core research disciplines: Health and Biomedicine, Energy and Environment, Computing and Information Technology, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Humanities, and Islamic Studies.

Organized jointly with the Arab Expatriate Scientists Network, the 2012 Forum will also bring together Arab scientists from around the world, and encourage further collaboration to address our region’s needs through research.

The Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2012 is a valuable opportunity for all those engaged and interested in science and research in Qatar to learn about the full spectrum of groundbreaking research currently underway, and prepare for the road ahead in Qatar’s development as an international hub for research excellence and scientific innovation, as outlined in the Qatar National Research Strategy.

This website provides more information about the distinguished speakers and the schedule of panel discussions and presentations at the Forum, as well as practical information on abstract submission, registration and attendance. I hope you find it useful, and look forward to seeing you at the Forum this October at the Qatar National Convention Center, as we come together in the pursuit of fresh knowledge, scientific research and the development of new technologies for Qatar and the world.

Faisal M. Al Suwaidi
President of Research and Development, Qatar Foundation